1. Abbeys birthday next week. 
  2. Dallis’s birthday later this month. 
  3. Baltimore the 27th-29th for birthday festivities. 
  4. Six Flags in two weeks?
  5. Still at a 50lb weight loss. I’ll be excited to update this number in another week or two! To be continued. 
  6. Cruise is getting closer!
  7. Work is bleh. 
  8. Mewithoutyou and Kevin Devine in August.. by myself :)
  9. Hyped on the fall. 
  10. Starting to feel good about myself again. It’s been a while. 

Summer Goals:

  1. Continue eating healthy, losing weight, and continue to work out regularly. 
  2. To stop letting people take advantage of me. 
  3. To go out more. 
  4. To meet new people. 
  5. Go to the beach and the park more.