Summer Goals:

  1. Continue eating healthy, losing weight, and continue to work out regularly. 
  2. To stop letting people take advantage of me. 
  3. To go out more. 
  4. To meet new people. 
  5. Go to the beach and the park more. 

Daily Reminder

You cannot change people. You can only change yourself. 

So it’s 6am and I woke up about a hour ago. I can’t sleep. I woke up and now I can’t sleep. I slept for 4 hours. Now here I am, wide awake for no god damn reason. What is wrong here? Why can’t I sleep like a normal person? 

Things I’m Constantly Losing

  1. Bambu
  2. Metro card
  3. Keys
  4. Lighters
  5. My phone
  1. Off tomorrow! I miss being off on Saturdays. 
  2. Working at the Urban in the East Village tonight. 
  3. Going to some play next weekend with my Moms. Excited to see her.
  4. 4/20 next Friday. 
  5. Lost 30 lbs. 
  1. Planning a cruise with friends summer 2012. 
  2. Lost 16lbs, and working on making this number grow. 
  3. Eating healthy and having a positive mental attitude for 5 weeks now. 
  4. Taking all sorts of medication. I think that’s helping as well?
  5. Seriously, this is going to be my year. Stay tuned. 
  1. Super irritable lately. 
  2. Just put a hole in the back of my bedroom door because my iPhone is not correctly working with iTunes (Every time I plug it in it asks to restore it with the back up, but doesn’t give me any other options. Naturally, I restore and afterwards it’s still not letting me connect and in the mean time I’m losing all my information since my last back up. This has happened twice now.)
  3. Eating healthy for almost two weeks. Probably the only positive on this list. 
  4. Seriously so unhappy the past two months. 
  5. I want to disappear. So badly. And I think it’s starting to show.